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We are pleased to offer this 2012 Caterham CT01 complete carbon left hand sidepod, it comes in 2 sections (which makes postage around the world easy) it has 4 aerospace spec fixing screws to connect the 2 sections together, it comes in 2013 livery but we think this is better as you get the large Caterham logo. Price is £395.00 plus p&p.
Current F1 car parts available to buy, Please feel free to email for more information, pictures, and price of postage.  

 2000 Arrows A21 wind tunnel model rear wheel, £125.00
 2014 Caterham CT05 right hand wing mirror housing, £55.00
 2009 Force India VJM02 left front wing cascade (early season spec), £75.00
 2009 Force India VJM02 left front wing cascade (mid seasion spec curvey), £80.00
 2013 Force India VJM06 wheel centre locating/locking pin, £28.00 
 2013 Force India VJM06 Coanda exhaust section, £45.00
 2013 Force India VJM06 left 2 part Coanda exhaust, (right side available also) £95.00
 2014 Force India VJM07 DRS flap complete with team part label, £135.00
2016 Force India VJM09 wheel nut, £39.00
 2017 Force India VJM10 rear wheel nut, £38.00
 2012 Lotus E20 rear wing main plane complete with Flo vis left over paint, £245.00

 2015 Manor MR3B carbon camera dummy pods, £125.00 each (pairs available)
 1992 McLaren MP4/6 carbon airbox, £495.00
 2007 McLaren MP4/22 drive shift trilobe bearing, £24.00
 2007 McLaren MP4/22 Enkel used front wheel, £545.00
 2010 Mercedes W01 wheel nut, £35.00
 2011 Mercedes W02 right wheel nut, £55.00
 2011 Mercedes W02 left cockpit panel, £145.00
 2011 Mercedes W02 left cockpit 3 grill spec panel, £185.00
 2011 Mercedes W02 right cockpit panel, £160.00
 2011 Mercedes W02 left upper sidepod cover, £75.00
 2011 Mercedes W02 left rear sidepod cover with airbrush detail, £75.00
 2011 Mercedes W02 left sidepod cover 'open' spec, £85.00
 2011 Mercedes W02 right sidepod cover 'open' spec, £85.00
2011 Mercedes W02 right sidepod cover ref:07, £95.00
 2011 Mercedes W02 right sidepod cover ref:08, £95.00
 2011 Mercedes W02 left side barge boards, £125.00.
 2012 Mercedes W03 left sidepod section, £245.00

 1998 Minardi M198 carbon dash, £95.00
 2000 Minardi M02 V10 exhaust collector, £110.00 
 2001 Minardi PS01 chassis rearward facing camera pod, £65.00
 2001 Minardi PS01 right sidepod chimney, £110.00
 2002 Minardi PS02 aluminum oil and water cooler, £120.00
 2002 Minardi PS02 right front wing end plate Mark Webber, £195.00
 2002 Minardi PS02 Mark Webber Australian GP used engine cover, £1895.00
 2004 Minardi PS04 carbon exhaust outlet cover large, £45.00
 2004 Minardi PS04 hydraulic fuel flap opener with spring, £80.00
 2005 Minardi PS05 gearbox dog ring, £10.00
 Limited stock! Minardi carbon brake disc, SOLD OUT
 2005 Minardi PS05 matched pair of carbon rear brake ducts, £40.00 for the pair
 2005 Minardi PS05 front wing mounting supports, £25.00
 2006 Red Bull RB2 right lower sidepod panel, £195.00
2007 Red Rull RB3 British GP spec front wing B flap, £285.00

 2012 Red Bull RB8 Oz racing front wheel (Mark Webbers), £265.00
 2016 Renault RS16 E20 showcar sidepod, £245.00
 2001 Williams FW23 front wing B-flap, £245.00

 2010 Williams FW32 main front wing left flap (late season spec) £85.00
 2013 Williams FW35 front right wing support crashed by Pastor Maldonado in Monaco, £185.00

 Parts coming in soon, Please feel free to email for details and prices:      
2017 Force India VJM10 rear wheel nuts
Red Bull nose cone

We are pleased to announce we are stocking Minardi F1 parts from 1986-2006, please email us with any enquires you may have as most parts are available.

Here is just a small selection of the F1 Parts and Memorabilia we have sold. 


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